We are dedicated to assisting each individual in the personal restoration critical to a higher quality of life by offering the latest advancements in the treatment, diagnosis, education and prevention of illness. Our philosophy is based on the concept that we are each have the ability to heal ourselves naturally.

We believe in treating the constitutional root of an illness rather than the symptoms along in order to address and support the health of the individual more fundamentally; symptoms will be eliminated only after the root of disease has been treated. After a thorough examination, we will then design a customized treatment plan to restore you to optimum health and well-being. Above all, we strive to regulate the imbalances that you experience in your body and mind whether due to emotional stress, physical trauma, an improper diet, environmental factors or genetic predispositions.

We will foster the formation of a long-term partnership of grounded in respect and trust. We, at Sun Wellness Acupuncture, value this partnership highly; we believe the best healing is achieved in a reciprocal relationship as such. We will bring sensitivity and thoughtfulness to the conversation and spend significant time to come to a comprehensive understanding of your health needs. An open dialogue is encouraged when people are discussing their health issues and goals. We are passionate about creating environment in which the individual feels empowered and develop and pursue his/her own goals towards greater well-being. Through this collaborative process, we bring out the wisdom, courage and inner strength within each of our patients, so that you will ultimately be in a position to guide yourself toward a balanced way of life.