Acupuncture is a system of preserving health and curing illness by treating the body as a whole universe. Its goal is to maintain or restore harmony and balance to every aspect within the human being and between human beings and our surrounding environment. Acupuncture is the art and science of redirecting the flow of Qi and blood through the body’s channels, the invisible aqueduct system that transports essential substances to our organs, tissues, and bones. Redirecting the flow of Qi and blood is accomplished by stimulating of specific acupuncture points along the channels where essential substances flow close to the skin’s surface.

Our practitioners at Sun Wellness Acupuncture use many different methods for stimulating acupuncture points, including electro-stimulation and moxa as well as the traditional fine metal needles. Regardless of the technique, acupuncture is relatively painless and is often accompanied by feelings of heaviness or warmth and the movement of energy. These sensations occur because acupuncture points are the equivalent to the valves in an aqueduct system. When the points are stimulated, they open a valve, so that excess or stagnant Qi can disperse. If Qi or blood is deficient, stimulation of certain points may close a valve, so that the essential substances can accrue as needed. Once this is done, the distribution of essential substances throughout the whole system of channels becomes more evenly balanced, allowing a smoother flow into all areas of the body.
This adjustment of the body’s Qi and blood can be used to restore and maintain balance between Yin and Yang, and thereby alleviate emotional disorders, protect the organs, moisten tendons and keep the joints healthy. Acupuncture replenishes energy on both a physical and spiritual level.

Korean Acupuncture

There are five representative needling techniques in Korean acupuncture: Tong Gi Chim(Gate Opening), Ju Haeng Chim(Meridian Flow), Pyung Chim(Yin Yang Balancing), Hwa Chim(Five Element Harmonizing), Sa Am Chim(Four Needle Technique).

1. Tong GI Chim (Gate Opening Acupuncture)
There are 24 Gate Opening treatments. This needling technique is excellent as the first in a series of acupuncture treatments. It increases the body’s receptiveness to acupuncture’s benefits. Gate Opening acupuncture synchronizes the body in time and space, aligning the body with its environment.

2. Ju Haeng Chim (Meridian flow Acupuncture)
Meridian flow acupuncture facilitates overall Qi flow by promoting the interchange of Qi between the acupuncture channels. It harmonizes and balances Qi flow within the meridians by utilizing the Eight Extra Vessels.

3. Pyung Chim (Yin Yang Balancing Acupuncture)
Water and fire are the elemental symbols of Yin and Yang theory. Yin Yang Balancing Acupuncture is applied to balance Qi flow between the left and right sides of the body and between all the channels. It is very effective acupuncture method for pain control.

4. Hwa Chim (Five Element Harmonizing Acupuncture)
Five Element Harmonizing Acupuncture restores the five elements to a state of harmonious equilibrium. This acupuncture system harmonizes the constitution of the body overall, then addresses the specific treatment for any local problems. Pulse diagnosis is used to determine the relative states of the five elements and their corresponding organs. It is derived from the Nan Jing, the Classic of Difficulties. This technique is very useful for various complex modern disorders.

5. Sa Am Chim (Four Needle Acupuncture)
We have found Sa Am Chim to be among the most effective of needling techniques. Conventional acupuncture observes the particularities of a given symptom, and then treats the ailment by affecting the meridian associated with the symptom. Korean Four Needle Acupuncture differs from the conventional approach. In that it treats and observes the patient as a holistic subject, and thus addresses the ailment at the point of its real origin. Korean Four Needle Acupuncture is safe because it treats primarily those conduits which are found at the elbows, below the knees and at the ends of the limbs. In each of these Meridians there are sixty meridian conduits in which the particular characteristics of the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Earth, Wood and Fire) are concentrated. Sa Am Chim is effective because it focuses on those sixty points. The Korean Four Needle Acupuncture is essentially Mind Acupuncture because it has proven that the meridians serve as the path by which the mind manifests its various dispositions.