Our Services

Sun Wellness Acupuncture provides a variety of specialized treatments in order to address your health needs and ensure your well-being for the long-term. Taking the time to learn about wellness care will help you adopt a balanced, healthy and holistic lifestyle.

_____Before treatment­­­­

Herbal tea helps you along the path toward well-balanced state physically, emotionally and spiritually.   Thorough intake examination by measuring stress level, Cardiac function, BMI, a detailed health history, Korean four constitutional diagnosis and a unique treatment plan

_____During treatment

Combination of different modalities acupuncture, herbs, cupping, moxabustion, electro wave stimulation, gwa-sha, auriculotherapy, meridian massage, yoga & meditation, energetic exercise       Warming massage treatment table automatic whole body massage with the long wave of magnetic stimulation which promotes the free flow of Qi & blood and enhances the therapeutic effect

_____After treatment

Maintenance & wellness care preventive maintenance tune-ups, supporting the changes you have achieved and strengthening your body’s resistance     Free nutritional counseling diet & cooking habit counseling to perform at your best