Sun Wellness Acupuncture is focused not only on treating illness, but also on preventing disharmony with our natural environment, which otherwise has repercussions on our physical and emotional well-being.

The Five Elements theory is one of the major systems of thought within Eastern medicine, in which the connections between the physiology and pathology of the zang-fu organs and tissues with our natural environment were studied extensively. According to the theory, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water are considered the basic elements of the material world. These elements are in constant movement and change. The nature of the five interrelated elements encompasses are described by five different qualities of natural phenomena, five phases in the cycle of seasons and five movements. Acupuncture treatment was practice according to the various sequences of the five transporting points.

At Sun Wellness Acupuncture, you will experience five element treatment environments. We have applied the Five Element theory to the design and facilities of our treatment rooms. Each treatment room will be selected based on your constitution and diagnosis in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. For example, are affiliated with the element of wood, your treatment will take place in the metal room since metal is believed to control wood. If you have excessive fire energy, we will use the water room to counterbalance this tendency in your body.

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