Weight loss

Over 40 percent of Americans are overweight and trying to lose weight. Although Americans spend over 33 billion dollars annually on weight loss programs, the failure rate remains enormously high at 95 percent. Fortunately, medical acupuncture can help over 60 percent of these people.

Weight loss resistance occurs for a variety of reasons including:
• Cravings due to low brain chemicals (serotonin and/or dopamine)
• Depressed metabolism due to low fat free mass from chronic dieting
• Hypothyroidism
• Insulin resistance
• High cortisol levels due to chronic stress
• History of failure with weight loss
• Allergies and gut dysbiosis
• Certain medications, and toxic chemicals cause weight gain or make it difficult to lose weight
• Chronic sleep deprivation

Acupuncture and the following techniques will enable you to successfully accomplish these goals. Changing your lifestyle by incorporating positive habits and reducing & eliminating factors that are contributing to your weight loss resistance takes time, effort and focus.

At Sun Wellness Acupuncture, you will receive an individualized plan based on your own needs.
The goal is to incorporate permanent healthy lifestyle changes.
• Comprehensive evaluation including diet evaluation.
• Appetite control with Auriculotherapy
• Nutrition plan developed with weekly reviews of food diary
• Exercise recommendations and Body slimmer therapeutic exercise
• Lifestyle counseling
• Herbs and nutritional supplements
• Body line recovery session with Electro Wave Acupuncture