Hair Loss

When used on the scalp, acupuncture increases blood flow and stimulates new hair grow restores vitality to the hair follicles, allowing them regain their ability to contract tightly around the roots of the hair and hold it in place. Hair loss in women results from changes in birth control medication, as well as conditions such as: Anemia, Anorexia or bulimia, Hepatic failure, Hypothyroidism,Thyroid disease, Liver disease, Renal failure, Viral, fungal, or protozoan infections. High stress levels, eating processed foods, and smoking cigarettes also contribute to hair loss.

In Eastern medicine point of view, there are many reasons for hair loss such as excessive fire rising up to head, dampness, blood deficiency, Qi stagnation. We treat manifestation symptoms as well as the root in order to prevent hair loss.

At the Sun Wellness Acupuncture, you will experience specialized treatments such as;
Derma-Q micro needle therapy – using an instrument with hundreds of micro needles, this is the latest and most advanced therapy for stimulating the scalp without pain. By gently massaging and ultimately stimulating the full surface area of your epidermis and dermis effective for trating and preventing hair loss.

Customized herbal shampoo– Sun Wellness Acupuncture offers a specially designed herbal formula, before shampooing in order to nourish the scalp and prevent further hair loss and graying.

Herbal prescription – Eastern herbal formula which helps to regulate the balance of Qi and blood flow in order to stimulate hair growth.

Lifelong care – regular checkups, in which we will teach you how to take care of your hair and maintain its vitality for the long-term.

Before                                                                                                              4 months later