How acupuncture treatment help an overweight patient?

April 23, 2014  |  Blogs, Headline

Lately we treat many over weight patients.  Over weight cause a lot of health issues including diabetes, hypertension, High cholesterol, poor circulation, low self-esteem, low libido, back or knee pain, and low energy.

Patients are looking for the acupuncture treatment before stomach surgery. Many health insurance offers $40,000 gastric sleeve surgery for patient has over BMI scale of 38-40. We are trying to avoid the surgery because they only can eat two ounces of food at once. They experience sagging skin and low appetite.

At Sun Wellness Acupuncture, we offer the weight management program. Patients are coming once a week to have an acupuncture treatment. We offer body needle with electro therapy and ear auriculotherapy. Patients write a food journal and receive dietary consultation. We don’t follow any specific diet plan. Patients have many options to choose.

Weight management program is consisted of acupuncture treatment, herb decoction, auriculotherapy, body slimmer exercise, sauna, and dietary consultation in order to induce the desirable result. Our patients are experiencing

We have many successful stories. Our main goal is to make our life energetic, productive, and healthy.  We all know loosing weight is not fun, always painful process. We are helping patients to experience the weight management program with the full of energy and to control appetite easily.


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